Data Prep & Analytics for Visualization

Trust Your Data Before You Visualize It

Data Prep & Analytics for Visualization

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine, with its agile data assembly and advanced analytics capabilities, partnered with visualization vendors, such as Qlik, Tableau and Spotfire, enables business users to analyze complex business problems, especially those that involve complex analytics and multiple data sources, and gives you answers that you can trust with step-by-step validation.

Data Prep & Advanced Analytics

  • Integrate, match, correct, enrich and analyze data from virtually any source without coding
  • Create and share analytic models across your organization to feed trusted data into your visualization tools

Increase Accuracy

  • Gain additional insights from your data by using advanced analytic capabilities to create highly conditional business rules, perform statistical or predictive analytics, or even leverage external web services for key operational insights

Transform Data

  • Easily profile, cleanse, enrich, and combine data to create a trustworthy analytic foundation

Automate Analytic Processes

  • Run your analytic workflows on a scheduled or even continuous basis as a control on key business processes

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