ETL & Data Integration

What’s the toughest part about data analytics?  It has to be getting your hands on the data and then integrating data from different sources.  Unlike traditional ETL and data integration software, the Lavastorm Analytics Engine wipes away those common problems with a fun and visual approach to acquiring and integrating just about any type of data.  Our unique approach allows you to access and combine data 90% faster than other methods.  It has the following extract, transform, and load (ETL), data integration and acquisition capabilities:

  • Visual data acquisition controls – Eliminates coding and make it easy to merge any data, including data from databases (e.g., JDBC, Excel, XML, binary, CSV, delimited files), files (e.g., Excel, XML, binary, CSV, delimited files), and systems (e.g., ERP / CRM)
  • A flexible data integration management structure – Eliminates the need to create an over-arching schema of the data.  This flexibility allows you to bring together diverse data extremely quickly and to incrementally add data without having to go back to the modeling stage.
  • Big Data integration capabilities – Flexibility to bring together data outside the data warehouse, including data from non-relational databases and file structures such as MongoDB and through Hadoop/map reduce algorithms ready
  • Direct system and database interfaces – Load and export data directly between the Lavastorm Analytics Engine and your databases, data warehouses, cloud-bases data sources and systems using visual controls for interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC, Python, Java, OCI, CLI, Salesforce, QlikView, SAP, and Tableau.
  • Visual transformation and data integration application controls –Help you filter, split, cleanse, trim, join, correlate, cross reference, and aggregate data.

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