Visualization for Data Acquisition, Management, and Analysis

When it comes to business improvement, you have to measure it first and then analyze it before you can make any real progress.  Data is the key and data visualization software brings data to life, making it possible to see trends or relationships between different data sources.

Visualizations for Data Analysis, Reporting, and Business Intelligence Dashboards

12-data-visualizationWith its visual development environment, the Lavastorm Analytics Engine helps you visualize data flows and data manipulations.  Hard-to-decipher database scripts, SQL code, and Excel formulas are replaced with a visual, analytic model that is easy to create, modify, and communicate to others.

Visual Reports, Dashboards, and Results

The Lavastorm Analytics Platform and its analytics engine provide a core set of visualizations for inspecting data and reporting on results, but they can also be used to feed data and result sets into dashboard or business intelligence tools that you are already using within your company.  By using the Lavastorm Analytics Platform and Lavastorm Analytics Engine together with visualization tools such as QlikView and Tableau, analysts can leverage Lavastorm’s strength in data management, data acquisition, data analysis, aggregation, and manipulation while providing business people with the dashboards and BI reports to which they are accustomed.

Lavastorm and Data Visualization Software

Trust Your Data Before You Visualize It

Are you confident that that the data you are visualizing in your interactive dashboards with QlikView and Tableau is accurate and complete? Do you need a fast, easy way to bring together different data sources without relying on extensive custom coding?

Lavastorm has partnered with Qlik and Tableau, two leaders in user-driven Business Intelligence, after hearing from several of our customers that they were achieving valuable results by combining the Lavastorm Analytics Engine with these interactive visualization tools.  Users rely on Lavastorm to build a trustworthy analytic foundation prior to visualizing their data.

If you use QlikView and Tableau, you can use Lavastorm for:

  • Rapid data acquisition: Bring any data source, irrespective of format, into a common analytic environment to create a virtual data warehouse on the fly without extensive coding.
  • Transform the data: Easily profile, cleanse, enrich, and combine that data to create a trustworthy analytic foundation.
  • Faster analytics: Rapidly build analytic processes with intuitive visual tools that that enable ad hoc data discovery and iterative, collaborative analytic development between IT and business users.
  • Drag & drop development: Leverage out-of-the-box ‘nodes’ – prepackaged building blocks of analytic functionality to accelerate discovery while avoiding errors common in custom code development
  • Visualize & trace analytic workflows: See a graphical representation of your results at any step of the analysis and trace any record back to its source for total auditability and root cause resolution
  • Publish to QlikView or Tableau: Leverage the results of the work by publishing them into QlikView as a QVX for further analysis and visualization.
  • Reuse & share: Create and save customized analytic building blocks and processes to re-use and share them to accelerate future work.
  • Automation for control: Run the analytic processes on a scheduled or even continuous basis as a control on key business processes.

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