Business Data Analysis

11-18-data-analysisBusinesses increasingly are competing on analytics, but many businesses continue to base their analytic strategy on standard databases, such as Microsoft Access and common spreadsheets.  But the demands on analysts and their organizations have increased, making this strategy less effective.  Today businesses need to address more data, analyze data at greater speed, adapt to more changes, and support the analytic needs of more users, including business users, not just programmers.

Business Data Integration and Analysis Tools

The Lavastorm Analytics Platform and its Lavastorm Analytics Engine are designed specifically to address the business need for easier to use, more agile business data analysis software tools.  They are essential tools for thousands of analysts worldwide for buisness data integration, data quality, data analysis and data visualization initiatives.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We can analyze new theories or questions on the fly and easily translate them into a persistent process…with Lavastorm, we can carry out quality checks on every single step which is very complicated and time consuming in SQL

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With Lavastorm, my sales operations analyst team is completely self-sufficient from IT. We were able to identify $1M of commission overpayment from both discrepancies and fraud and $5M on commission under-payment, representing liability.  Our analysis time and effort improved by 125%.

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