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Breaking Through The Data Bottleneck: A Customer Case Study In Agile ETL

As a sequel to our webinar, “Breaking Through Your Data Bottleneck With Agile ETL”,  we’ll be interviewing our customer, FairPoint Communications on the challenges faced while making the transition from traditional ETL processes to Lavastorm Agile ETL. Fairpoint will specifically address how this approach accelerated projects without compromising governance, quality and accuracy.

successful analytics centers of excellence

Building Highly Agile, Impactful, and Respected Analytics Centers of Excellence

To become a ‘data-driven’ organization, companies are rapidly setting up analytics centers of excellence. But they are doing so in a way that unwittingly prioritizes software training and procurement over tackling broader organizational challenges. Join Blue Hill Research’s Principal Analyst James Haight and Lavastorm CTO Mark Marinelli as they discuss research into the mindset, strategies, and techniques needed to build successful analytics Centers of Excellence.
agile etl

Breaking Through your Data Bottleneck with Agile ETL

Listen to our webinar recording to learn where traditional ETL tools and waterfall projects are not a viable solution for modern analytics. Alternative technologies are now available which marry self-service data preparation with enterprise data management capabilities to accelerate value delivery, without reducing the scale, scope, and rigor of data analysis.


Unleash the Power of Tableau

Tableau’s stunning success has empowered individuals across the enterprise to create powerful data visualization and analysis on-demand. However, the challenge lies in the time and effort it takes to prep data for visualization.

predictive analytics software

Democratizing Data & Predictive Analytics Software

As organizations empower more users to fully leverage advanced and predictive analytics software to “democratize” their data and bring insights to the masses through interactive visual dashboards, they also need to provide enhanced data transparency, collaboration, and governance to gain broader acceptance and trust of the data.

Citizen Data scientists

Citizen Data Scientists: How Self-service Tools Can Democratize Data

The tsunami of valuable data has hampered the ability of the few highly skilled technologists to take advantage of it. To bridge the gap, more and more companies are providing advanced analytics tools to its super users – a group Gartner calls “citizen data scientists”

data warehouse architecture

How to Find Happiness in your Data Warehouse Architecture

When organizations want to improve data quality, organize data for analytics, or develop a “single version of the truth”, they immediately think they need to start with a data warehouse architecture. But when is using a data warehouse architecture the wrong move? When FairPoint Communications wanted to organize data from far-flung parts of the company, they turned off their data warehouse architecture in favor of an agile data management and analytics solution that acts as a virtual data. The alternative approach brought agility to their organization and transparency that benefited decision makers in all departments.