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Agile ETL for Visualization

The explosive growth and adoption of interactive visualization products, such as Tableau, QlikView, and Spotfire, has been driven by the need for business users to access data, perform analysis, and publish results with less dependence on scarce technical resources. Take your data visualization investment to a new level of productivity and impact through agile and transparent ETL and advanced analytic capabilities.


Data discovery_business Agility with IT Governance and Control

Balancing the Demands for Business Agility with IT Governance and Control

Data discovery is upending the traditional BI approach by empowering users with the capability to combine and analyze data on their own, independently from the IT organization. The need for business agility and self-service analytics is changing the governance equation. Finding the right balance between business agility and IT control or governance is, therefore, essential to having an effective self-service analytic initiative.


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Optimizing Financial Processes: Consolidation and Reconciliation

Finance departments find they are struggling to be agile and quickly address changes in the business and data flows. Manual processes, and business inefficiencies are just some of the just some of the challenges that you face. Lavastorm was introduced and the finance employees were able to utilize it to connect to the disparate data sources, prepare and blend the data, and output consolidated data, while simultaneously improving monthly reporting process.


Solving Data Integration Challenges with the Lavastorm

Accessing, preparing, and integrating data from different sources is usually the toughest part of any analytics project. Inconsistent formats, missing data, inaccurate data are just some of the problems that you face. Lavastorm wipes away those common data integration problems with a streamlined approach to acquiring and combining just about any type of data – 10x faster than other methods.


Regulatory Reporting for Financial Services

Financial services firms face an increasing regulatory burden. Reports need to be more detailed, comprehensive, and accurate – and delivered more quickly. Compliance is a struggle using spreadsheets and inflexible legacy systems. A new solution is needed. Lavastorm Analytics software lets firms quickly create auditable regulatory reports. Business users can aggregate data, check data quality, analyse data, and generate reports – all without expensive and time consuming IT efforts. Plus, Lavastorm provides the flexibility to handle ad hoc requests and changing requirements while simultaneously strengthening IT governance efforts.

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Optimizing Trade Operations

When the global financial crisis occurred in 2008, a tidal wave of new regulation hit large financial institutions and weakened the traditional levers that were available to improve Return on Equity (RoE). As a result, a new imperative emerged: cost reduction through improved operational efficiency. In this environment, the demand for greater visibility into operations has never been greater and data and process analytics have become critical for identifying operational inefficiencies and eliminating the financial risks they create.


Optimizing ROl using Agile Analytics

Retailers are facing the challenge of trying to increase profits in the face of fickle consumers and rising competition. To meet this challenge, you must know more than your competitors and understand customers better than you ever have before. This requires a fundamental advantage in how you acquire, manage and analyze data –and that requires Lavastorm.


Enhance and Extend your Fraud Management System

Enhance your Telco’s Fraud Management System with Lavastorm. This Use Case shows how Lavastorm can augment your current FMS, giving you the ability to keep pace with the rapidly changing fraud environment, minimize your costs and deliver rapid ROI.

agile revenue assurance

Agile Revenue Assurance

Competitive and market pressures along with the need to prioritize the customer experience mean that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must drive business performance optimization with more speed and agility than ever before. This Use Case shows how the Lavastorm can improve revenue assurance speed to resolution and accuracy of results, adapt quickly and gracefully to change, and benefit from significant ROI to increase business value.


Agile Analytics For Smart Utilities

Lavastorm’s visual, discovery-based environment allows utility companies to reduce analytic development time by 90% or more and build iterative analytic models that help design and validate high performing business processes.


Agile Analytics

Integrate cloud-based data sources, such as Salesforce, with your enterprise data sources for improved decision making and visibility. This solution brief discusses the “data gap” that cloud-based data sources can cause and how Lavastorm Analytics can bridge that gap.