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Linking together reactive and proactive data iteration

This firm sought an efficient and transparent visualization process to support their growing data needs and gain a competitive sales and market advantage using agile business analytics for big data.


Optimizing Service Delivery

Read this case study to see how tw telecom uses Lavastorm to optimize their service delivery and eliminate customer billing issues.


Building a Best-in-Class Finance Organization with Agile Analytics

Lavastorm provides Telia with agile data management, integration, and analytics capabilities. Faster Response Time, Higher Revenue from Partner Relationships, and Reduced Services Costs.

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Transforming the Audit Process

Read this case study to see how PwC uses Lavastorm to dig deeper, broader, and smarter.



Overpowering Data Quality Issues and Massive Data Volume Increase

See how E.ON used Lavastorm to eliminate data gaps, clean up data quality issues, reduce management reports, get more value out of their BI investment, automate data quality improvement efforts, and improve management team understanding of data quality initiatives.


Data Quality

See how a major Asia-Pacific telecommunications company uses Lavastorm to uncover data quality issues and continuously improve data quality and other business results.


Data Migration

See how a major Asia-Pacific telecommunications company uses Lavastorm to migrate data faster than SQL methods, perform rapid root cause analysis to speed resolution, provide visual assurance of data and process integrity, and process accurate data transformation on a massive scale.


Implementing Data-Driven Loss Prevention

See how Compass Group uncovers potential theft using data from 2,300+ locations, improves success rate of investigations, makes better use of its auditing resources, improves its ability to prove cases in court, quickly monitor and identify errors, and improves loss prevention company wide using Lavastorm.


Mastering Data Quality Management

Read this case study to see how Allstream improved their data quality management and sales performance with the Lavastorm.



Powering The Energy Industry With Advanced Analytics

In the traditional consumer billing model, customers pay a fixed monthly fee for their connection and a transport fee per/kWh of electricity regardless of when they use it. This creates peak loads on the grid at various times of the day and underutilization at others. This fluctuating demand forces the need for capital investments to handle peak load activity.