Analytics Engine

Agile Analytics for Accurate, Actionable Insights

Business analytics turns enterprise data into actionable insights, enabling organizations to make better, fact-based, decisions that improve customer satisfaction, boost financial performance, increase operational efficiency, and help manage fraud, risk and regulatory compliance.

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine is a self-service business analytics solution that empowers analysts to rapidly acquire, transform, analyze and visualize data, and share key insights and trusted answers to business questions with non-technical managers and executives.

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine offers an integrated set of analytics capabilities that enables analysts to independently explore enterprise data from multiple data sources, create and share trusted analytic models, produce accurate forecasts, and uncover previously hidden insights in a single, highly visual and scalable environment.

How Lavastorm Analytics Engine is different

  • Speed to Value – You can deploy the system in minutes and deliver immediate analytic results and value with minimal reliance on IT
  • Accuracy & Transparency – Rapidly integrate disparate enterprise data sources using visual analytics to create trusted and traceable models
  • Self Sufficiency and Reuse – Deliver more accurate results using visual analytic logic to profile, enrich, transform and cleanse data, and share and reuse analytic building blocks  across teams
  • Agility – Quickly adapt analytics when underlying data or business rules change, seamlessly scale from a personal analytic solution to an enterprise-scale solution running on server-farms.



Interactive visual analysis The visual development environment reduces analytic application development time by 90% or more and enables an iterative and collaborative approach to analytic design that promotes ease of use and rapid problem discovery.
Source-agnostic data acquisition Acquire data from disparate sources, including data warehouses, legacy systems, or stand-alone files to accelerate analytic development while minimizing IT dependency. No over-arching schema is required so data can be integrated very quickly.
Business controls Assemble, configure and test analytic building blocks using a graphical editor to identify exceptions and inform or automate corrections to deliver rapid time to results.
Graphical InFlow reporting Immediate visualization of in-process analytic results offers interactive discovery and ensures that results are accurate, trusted, meaningful, and efficiently executed.
Reusable analytic components Group configured business controls into reusable and trusted analytic components to create custom analytic libraries. Share existing analytic components and graphs with technical and non-technical users for cross-functional collaboration that reduces cost and lowers risk.
Analytic libraries Leverage pre-packaged analytic libraries to incorporate predictive analytic models and statistical data analysis within business controls, and interact with proprietary systems.

Analytics Engines for Every Business: Desktop or Server Versions

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine enhances the analytic capabilities of any size organization. If you have advanced requirements in the areas of big data processing, automating analytics, continuous auditing, team collaboration, and proprietary data formats, you need the server-based Lavastorm Analytics Engine.  Large organizations, or those conducting analytics on a large scale or across various departments, can take advantage of the scalability provided by the Enterprise Server edition. Analytic teams that require server-level processing power at an affordable price can take advantage of the Workgroup Server edition. Individual analysts can benefit from Lavastorm Analytics Engine Public Edition, the single user version of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine.

The server editions of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine offer these additional features over Lavastorm Desktop:

  • Scalability – Where Lavastorm Desktop is restricted by the processing power of the user’s laptop or PC (typically under 20 million records/day), the server editions of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine scale to analyze billions of records per day
  • Collaboration – you can collaborate interactively on the design and configuration of their analytic graphs against a shared data set
  • Extended Data Acquisitionyou can utilize Lavastorm Data Reader to acquire complex structured data such as ASN.1 and COBOL data 
  • Automated Controls allows you to fully automate analytic execution for ongoing or continuous analytics

Compare the personal editions and the server editions of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine.