Analytics Engine

Fast, Accurate Insights

Businesses are moving at an ever increasing pace. When new questions arise, you need answers in minutes, not weeks or months.

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine is a data discovery solution that brings agility to every analyst and any organization. It empowers business professionals and analysts with the fastest, most accurate way to discover new insights and transform them into business improvements. At the same time, it provides IT with control over data governance.

Product Tour

A 3-minute tour of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine


Agile Analytics Capabilities


The Lavastorm Analytics Engine provides self-service capability for business users and rapid development capabilities for IT users in the areas of integration, analytics, and business control.  Common uses include:

  • Data Integration/ETL – Rapidly acquire, transform, combine, and enrich data from virtually any source, including Big Data sources – without intensive modeling, pre-planning, or scripting.
  • Data Quality Management – Discover data issues, such as completeness, inconsistent formats, and accuracy, and automate the evaluation and cleansing process.
  • Data Analysis and Discovery – Use the visual analytic environment and its configurable library components to twist and turn the data in any way needed to answer ad hoc questions, explore ideas, expose trends, discover hidden patterns, uncover root causes and identify exceptions.

Analytics for Compliance and Control

Deploy any analytic application you create as a persistent analytic that continuously analyzes operational data to:

  • Compare actual vs. expected business performance
  • Uncover opportunities for business improvement
  • Detect issues and risks that can slow down their business or hurt business compliance and performance.

Continuous analysis helps control and improve many operational processes, including:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financial or revenue assurance
  • Service assurance
  • Loss prevention/Fraud management

Advantages Include Agility, Accuracy, and Governance



More Accurate Insights Create highly complex business logic using conditional statements, extensions to programming languages such as R and Python, and pattern identification, statistical, dimensional, and correlation analysis capabilities. Apply that logic to large data sets from multiple data sources to gain deeper, more accurate analytic insights.
Rapid Development  A visual interface and agile data management capabilities allow analysts to create or change analytic applications 10 times faster than with traditional analytic tools, resulting in faster insight and a quicker response to new questions that arise.
Agile Data Integration, Preparation, and Management Cleanse, transform, enrich and combine data without intensive scripting, modeling or schema development – just “join and go”. Use fuzzy matching to join data without a clear one-to-one join field.  Harness the value of enterprise systems, cloud-based applications, Big Data sources, such as MongoDB and Hadoop, warehouses, databases, legacy systems, and files using standard connectors for JDBC/ODBC, web services, XML and more.
Data Governance IT can publish custom visual elements to govern the calculations, business rules, and data used for analytics.  IT can govern the use of data and analytic logic by user or user type.
Greater Trust in Data and Analysis A “self-documenting” visual environment helps you communicate logic and insights to non-technical business users so you can build trust in your analytic application and shorten the time to take action on the insight.
Automate Repetitive Processes Analytic logic can be run automatically and continuously to eliminate manual processes for data acquisition, manipulation, and analysis.
Reduced Risk through Continuous Analytics Continuously monitor all your operational data to ensure compliance or identify outliers, anomalies, or exceptions.  Continuous analysis reduces the risks associated with manual audits or periodic sampling of data.

Analytics Engines for Every Business: Desktop or Server Versions

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine is available in desktop editions for individual analysts and server editions for workgroups or enterprises.  The server editions of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine offer these additional features over Lavastorm Desktop:

  • Scalability – Where Lavastorm Desktop is restricted by the processing power of the user’s laptop or PC (typically under 20 million records/day), the server editions of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine scale to analyze billions of records per day
  • Collaboration – you can collaborate interactively on the design and configuration of their analytic graphs against a shared data set
  • Extended Data Acquisitionyou can utilize Lavastorm Data Reader to acquire complex structured data such as ASN.1 and COBOL data 
  • Automated Controls allows you to fully automate analytic execution for ongoing or continuous analytics

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