Product Downloads

Below are the downloads for our products. You must be a registered user to download the Data3Sixty™ Analyze software. Click here to download Data3Sixty Analyze if you’re a first time user.

Current Release of Data3Sixty Analyze


  • Data3Sixty Analyze 3.2.6 Desktop runs on Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit.
    • Supported browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer 11
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • Intel Core i5 or 4-core equivalent processor minimum (i7 recommended)


  • Process unlimited million rows per stage (2 million maximum for the free Data3Sixty Analyze Desktop edition)

Current Release of Lavastorm

Lavastorm recommends that you use the latest version. However, if you require an earlier version, you may install a prior version from the Archived versions page.

Prior Releases of Lavastorm

Support Life Policy 

Having the current software version implemented allows you to take advantage of any new nodes available as well as the additional functionality offered with the latest core product.

Customers with an active Support Agreement are entitled to software version upgrades as well as interim node updates. Customers on the current release and the prior release will be provided support. This allows customers to coordinate upgrades in conjunction with their strategic initiatives.

The following table outlines the support status of the Lavastorm product.

Version Support Status End of Support
6 Fully Supported 31st December 2019
5 End of Support N/A*
4 End of Support N/A*

* Lavastorm will make every effort to assist with versions in the End of Support Phase but as a general rule, will no longer provide fixes to the software.

Technical Support

The following table outlines the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided for the Data3Sixty Analyze products.

Freemium Data3Sixty Analyze Desktop Data3Sixty Analyze Server
Support Communication Community Portal Portal, Email
Response – Critical N/A 1 Business Day 4 Business Hours
Response – Major N/A 2 Business Days 1 Business Day
Response – Minor N/A 5 Business Days 5 Business Days 

Functionality Deprecation Policy

As older implementations of functionality are replaced with improved versions, or some functionality is removed from the software, Lavastorm employs a deprecation mechanism to provide our customers with advanced notification so they may plan accordingly. Deprecation is not itself the removal or replacement of functionality, but rather the signal that this use of the deprecated functionality should be transitioned to a newer alternative. Typically, the deprecated functionality will no longer be available starting with the next major version of the software.