Lavastorm On Demand Training

Take advantage of our catalog of free training videos to make the most out of Lavastorm Analytics Engine. To get started quickly and easily, check out our Core Concepts Video playlist.

Category Title Description Duration
Introduction Introduction to Lavastorm LAE Introduction to the Business Rules Editor (BRE), nodes and Business Rules Data (BRD) Viewer 06:42
Introduction Node Basics Learn how to add, rename, run and join nodes. Also how to create Composite nodes. 05:28
Introduction Business Rules Data (BRD) Viewer Learn how to view, sort and filter your data from the Business Rules Data (BRD) Viewer. 05:17
Introduction Lavastorm Analytics Methodology
Our Lavastorm Analytics Methodology is a standardised practice for applying LAE to perform Data Analysis. It provides an inventory of analytical techniques and a sequence by which they should be applied according to Lavastorm Analytics Best Practices. 03:29
Introduction Building an LAE Graph A Coffee Shop demonstration video that takes users through the acquisition of data, preparing data, joining data sets, aggregating data and publishing data. 21:48
Introduction Best Practices when building Lavastorm Graphs Learn about our recommended Best Practices when building graphs in LAE 05:34
Introduction Library Nodes Learn how to create and edit a Library Node. Also how to add an external Library node to your LAE. 03:19
Introduction Lavastorm Directory The Lavastorm Directory is where users can select and import graphs, ready for viewing, in Lavastorm Explorer 04:00
Introduction Lavastorm Explorer The Lavastorm Explorer allows LAE producers to share read-only graphs with other users, they can run and view the graphs but cannot edit them 06:33
Introduction Lavastorm Support Information Learn how to access the Lavastorm Community Forum, Help pages and how to log a support ticket 03:58
Acquiring Data Acquiring data in LAE Learn how to acquire data using some of our Acquisition Nodes, such as BRD file node, Delimited file node, Directory List node, Excel file node and the Fixed Format file node. 08:31
Acquiring Data Working with Databases Learn how to acquire and publish data with ODBC and JDBC database connections in LAE 05:05
Preparing Data Lavastorm BRAINscript Basics Introduction to some BRAINscript functions such as, emit, override emit, rename, exclude, where and replace. 02:40
Preparing Data Emit Rename Exclude functions Learn how to use the BRAINscript functions: emit, rename and exclude 04:16
Preparing Data Format Data Learn how to identify NULL records, use the where function to specify records based on a condition, use Comparison and Logical operators, if-then-else statement and trim leading/trailing white spaces 07:29
Preparing Data Convert Data Types Learn how to convert data types using BRAINscript, using variables and with the Data Analyzer node 08:54
Preparing Data Convert Date Data Learn how to split different data formats, perform data correction and convert Date records, from String data type to Date data type. 10:58
Preparing Data Split String records – Left Right functions Split string records using the Left & Right functions 02:35
Preparing Data Split String records – Split getItem Functions Split string records using the split and getItem functions 02:30
Preparing Data Formatting Timestamp Data Learn how to format a timestamp, from a string to datetime data type 05:41
Preparing Data Duplicate Records Learn how to identify and remove duplicate records. 03:51
Rules Analysis Join & Lookup Nodes Learn how to join two data sets using the Join and Lookup nodes 08:35
Rules Analysis X-Ref Node Learn how to use the X-Ref node to join two data sets and output the Right orphans, Left Orphans and Matches between the two data sets 05:01
Rules Analysis Fuzzy Join Node Learn how to use the Fuzzy Join node to join two data sets on records that don’t exactly match based on a Fuzzy Algorithm and Threshold specified by the user 03:21
Impact Analysis Aggregate Data Aggregate your data and calculate a sum and count of all records within a group 04:26
Publishing Data Publishing from LAE to Delimited file Learn how to publish data from LAE to a delimited file 01:44
Publishing Data Split data into separate output pins & Publish to Excel file Learn how to split data into separate output pins, based on a condition and publish data from LAE to an Excel file. 05:38
Publishing Data Create a Bar Chart in LAE Learn how to create and edit a Bar Chart in LAE 03:46
Parameters LAE Node Level Parameters Learn how to create and utilise a Node level parameter 02:41
Parameters LAE Composite Level Parameters Learn how to create and utilise a Composite level parameter 04:32
Parameters LAE Graph Level Parameters Learn how to create and utilise a Graph level parameter 07:40
Parameters LAE Run Manager Learn how to create and utilise Run level parameters using the Run Manager 07:19
Logistics Manager Lavastorm Logistics Manager Learn how to use the Logistics Manager to remotely schedule Lavastorm Analytics Engine (LAE) Graphs to run on-demand or at pre-determined times. 06:47
Logistics Manager Generating a link from Logistics Manager Learn how to generate a link from Logistics Manager to share graphs with other users. 01:01