Lavastorm Analytics and MphasiS Partner to Make Enterprises More Agile with Self-Service Analytics

The combination of Lavastorm’s products and MphasiS’ domain and technology expertise will enable customers to turn Big Data into actionable insights

MphasiS, a leading IT services provider, today announced a partnership with Lavastorm Analytics, a global analytics software company, to enable customers to rapidly unify disparate data, easily construct complex analytics, and effectively deliver actionable insight and results. The partnership will enable MphasiS customers in the banking and capital markets, insurance and telecom industries to become more aware and agile by providing self-service data management, data discovery and analytic capabilities to their business analysts.

Currently, business users don’t have the tools they need to assess business situations and respond for optimal results. To analyze data, they need to rely on either under-powered tools, such as spreadsheets, or highly-complex tools, which are costly and difficult to master. The Lavastorm Analytics Engine, a powerful, visual and versatile environment for assembling and executing analytic applications, empowers analysts with the self-service means to rapidly acquire, transform, analyze and visualize data and share key insights with non-technical managers and business executives. Through this partnership, business users will be able to explore new analytic paths in minutes and answer new questions by quickly analyzing disparate data sources.

“Leading organizations are striving to create an analytic culture where self-service analytics is a cornerstone of the infrastructure. They are looking for solutions that help manage more data, respond with more speed, adapt to more change and support more decision makers,” said Dan Donovan, global head of partner development, Lavastorm Analytics. “We are excited to partner with MphasiS because with 40,000 professionals on staff, they have the global reach and knowledge to equip these organizations with the right tools and empower them to create the agile analytics infrastructure they need.”

“MphasiS is looking to establish a leadership role in providing highly differentiated and innovative Information Management and Analytics solutions and services to its customers,” said Abhijit Shetti, global business head – analytics, MphasiS. “Through this partnership, we can leverage our domain knowledge in our core industries including Banking and Capital Markets (BCM), Insurance and Healthcare to provide industry specific analytics solutions and consulting services that will allow customers to mine data and make intelligent decisions in a cost effective manner.”