Dr. Big Data: Helping IT & Business Users Realize they Share the Same Goals with Data Quality and Governance

  In our previous IT counseling session with Dr. Big Data, the doctor brought his patients, IT and the Business User, together, attempting to repair the relationship that has been drawn taut due to their differing philosophies on Big Data and analytics. He ended that session with homework for his two patients, asking them each […]

Infographic: How to Get More Value Out of Your Data Visualization Tool

Data visualization tools are essential for organizations looking to derive actionable insights from large quantities of data. In our upcoming webinar featuring Lyndsay Wise, Research Director of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing at EMA, we will examine best practices in consolidating, transforming and delivering critical data through dashboards. Join our August 19 webinar by enrolling here If you’re a visual […]

Lavastorm Whitepaper: How to Improve Pharmaceutical Compliance and Increase Productivity

For pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, increasing compliance regulations such as the Sunshine Act have created a significant burden on productivity. Managing the drain on resources, such as periodic audits and other business controls, have led many organizations to move beyond inefficient manual processes and find a solution that can simplify and automate compliance reporting. If […]


#TheLavaLab: Assessing California’s Residential Water Conservation Policies Through a Data Lens

In response to California’s increasingly severe multi-year drought, Governor Jerry Brown issued an unprecedented executive order in April, which mandated severe water usage reductions in urban areas across the state as compared to 2013 water usage levels. Enforcement of Governor Brown’s mandate has been left in the hands of the over 400 urban water agencies […]