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Data Preparation Tools Turning Business Analysts into Citizen Data Scientists

Traditional business users are being given the tools so they can analyze their companies’ data to glean valuable business insights and improve decision-making. Much like an ordinary citizen able to perform the same function as a member of law enforcement, citizen data scientists are typical business users not data specialists. They could be accountants, marketers, […]

How to Create an Agile Analytics Environment

To rapidly adapt to market changes in productive and cost-effective ways, organizations worldwide must adopt more data-driven agile approaches to business. But that’s not always an easy proposition given “existing technology investments, constant technological evolution, and lingering cultural obstacles,” according to an article in InformationWeek. Businesses understand that if they want to succeed in today’s […]


Lavastorm Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics

Lavastorm is pleased to announce that we have been included in Gartner’s February 2016 Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is the result of research that surveys hundreds of end users and serves as the industry standard for benchmarking leaders and innovators in certain markets. The report evaluated 16 different software vendors. Customer feedback […]

Self-Service Analytics: IT and Business Collaborate

Admit it. The analytic supply chain is broken. With limited resources, IT (the supply side) receive a massive demand from business while still maintaining the integrity of the data. Business analysts (the demand side) have lost their patience with IT bottlenecks but desire self-service, speed to insight and transparency. It’s time to prove that IT […]


#TheLavaLab: Does a STEM education lead to greater happiness?

  Over the past several years, numerous investments and initiatives have been launched with the intent to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the United States. The proponents for more STEM education have pointed to a disconcerting national skills gap, where America simply is not producing enough graduates with the requisite skills […]


#TheLavaLab: Assessing California’s Residential Water Conservation Policies Through a Data Lens

In response to California’s increasingly severe multi-year drought, Governor Jerry Brown issued an unprecedented executive order in April, which mandated severe water usage reductions in urban areas across the state as compared to 2013 water usage levels. Enforcement of Governor Brown’s mandate has been left in the hands of the over 400 urban water agencies […]