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Data Preparation Tools Turning Business Analysts into Citizen Data Scientists

Traditional business users are being given the tools so they can analyze their companies’ data to glean valuable business insights and improve decision-making. Much like an ordinary citizen able to perform the same function as a member of law enforcement, citizen data scientists are typical business users not data specialists. They could be accountants, marketers, […]

data prep tools

Data Prep Tools Help Analysts Get More Out of Their Data

As data analyst’s become more adept at using analytics tools, they are discovering that conventional data warehouse architectures are inhibiting their abilities to analyze the pertinent data, according to an article in TechTarget by David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity Inc., a consulting and development services company. Loshin says there are three main reasons for […]

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Why Proper Data Provisioning is the Analytics Tipping Point

In today’s business climate, every organization is looking for data-driven insights to maintain a competitive advantage. And that puts increasing pressure on business analysts to find and refine data with limited resources and under tight deadlines. Enterprises miss too many opportunities to out-think their rivals because it takes much too long for business analysts to […]

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Lavastorm Product Tour

Watch the video for a full product tour. Lavastorm combines self-service data preparation with advanced analytics capabilities in a single platform which enables business users and IT to build sophisticated analytical applications without requiring coding or months of waiting. Users create graphical dataflows to acquire, prepare, analyze, and publish data, building libraries of visual components which may […]