The Agile Solution For Successful Analytics Centers of Excellence

successful analytics centers of excellence

Analytics centers of excellence (CoEs) are becoming increasingly important as organizations aim towards transforming into the vaunted data-driven enterprise.

However, building an analytics CoE is much easier said than done. Without the right vision and preparation, business leaders are likely to find themselves with an analytics CoE that is chronically underfunded, underutilized, and underwhelming.

We at Blue Hill Research sought to separate the wheat from the chaff, and tease out the factors that lead some analytics CoEs to enormous success while others are left to flounder.  In our latest research, The Agile Solution for Successful Analytics Centers of Excellence, we studied the best practices of top consultancies, system integrators, Fortune 100’s, and multinational firms to distill a common recipe for success. We had the opportunity to talk to a number of business and technical leaders responsible for the success of their organization’s analytics initiatives, and we used their insights to augment our own experiences.

Over the course of the research, we outline a number of actionable takeaways to provide a blueprint for leaders hoping to create transformational change through analytics initiative. In our research, we cover a range of topics, including:

The pitfalls of the “traditional” CoE structure: In our research, we outline the challenges of setting up an analytics CoE in the model of a traditional IT department. We discuss how companies can avoid creating analytics CoEs that prioritize software procurement and training instead of solving broader organizational challenges. We also explore how to make sure that your data analysts and scientists avoid becoming merely “order takers” for business requests.

Design principles of highly impactful analytics CoEs: The most successful companies realize that the conceptual design and organizational mandate of the analytics CoE are just as important as anything else. We discuss how top organizations find and retain the right talent and consistently ensure that their technical and business teams are speaking the same language.

The agile imperative and how to bring it into your organization: Underlying any impactful analytics CoE is the ability to experiment, rapidly prototype, and iterate applications to navigate fluid environments. We outline the necessity of bringing agile workflows into your CoE, successful blueprints for creating an agile environment, and the types of tools that organizations use to get there.

As companies look to leverage the opportunity of data analytics throughout their business, an agile analytics CoE is a key engine of success. For those with the right vision, there is an opportunity to avoid the short-sighted playbook that many of their peers follow, which handicaps the full potential of their analytics CoE. For those interested in overcoming these barriers and transforming their analytics operations into a key engine responsible for driving organizational success, we invite you to read our research on Building a highly agile, impactful and successful Center of Excellence.