Boston TechJam 2016: Become part of the Tech Ecosystem

Boston TechJam 2016

Lavastorm will be at Boston TechJam 2016 for the third year in a row! To get the scoop on the event this year, I interviewed Mark Lorion, Co-Founder of Boston TechJam and CMO at Apperian. Mark is on the Board of Directors for Mass Technology and Leadership Council (TLC) and is very involved with the tech industry.

What is Boston TechJam 2016?

TechJam is New England’s largest innovation festival with Boston’s best tech companies in attendance. This event is really about showcasing cool innovations you’re working on, playing fun activities, meeting people, and celebrating being part of the same tech ecosystem.

What can we expect at Boston Techjam 2016?

More than 100 companies are sponsoring and exhibiting this year with over 5,000 attendees. Expect to see activities in the form of:

    • Carnival games
    • Mini competitions
    • Live music
    • Fresh beer from Harpoon
    • Food trucks

When did it start and what was the reasoning behind it?

This is the 4th year TechJam has been around.

I have been involved with the tech industry for a very long time and been plugged into various parts of the community. What struck me was that the tech industry is pretty broad and there are many different areas of specialty. But what we didn’t have was one time when the whole technology industry got together for a day to celebrate being part of one unified tech ecosystem.

The intent of TechJam is to make people feel part of the community, and realize that we all have something in common. We may work for different sectors, but the thing that we share is that we’re all part of the Boston tech economy. There’s a tremendous sense of both pride and comfort knowing that you are part of something bigger and once you’re a part of this community, you’re going to be more likely to source locally when you can, and help out other firms in Boston.

In many ways people in the tech industry are employed by the industry in a greater way than any individual company.

What makes it special?  

There is a real local, pay-it-forward vibe that gets built at TechJam. It’s that kind of industry comradery that Boston companies share that is quite unique and it differentiates Boston based companies from those who are based elsewhere.

This year you lowered the age of entry from 21 to 18. Why?

We have a huge population of people under 21 who are looking for summer internships and by showing them that Boston is a cool place to work, we are hopefully influencing them to stick around and work in our tech scene.

Boston TechJam 2016 will be laid out by “innovation villages”. Can you me more about that?

Instead of having alley ways and company’s in tents, this year there are little pod communities and we’re calling them “innovation villages”. This is facilitating an ongoing flow throughout the event that makes it really easy to get exposed to all that TechJam has to offer and network in a natural way.

Don’t forget to stop by our tent and say hello to Lavastorm! Register for the event here.