Hot Application: A Better Racing Strategy with Location Data and Lavastorm Analytics

The movies “Moneyball” and “21” show us how data analytics doesn’t have to be carson motorcycle racing 2014-06applied to business challenges during the workday.  It can also be applied to make leisure and sports pursuits more enjoyable and “profitable”.

In motor racing, for instance, increasingly motor racing wins and losses are dependent on data captured while the racer is on the track.  Drivers are lowering their lap time by using data on wheel speed, suspension movement, throttle position, braking pressure, and many others.  An avid racer myself, I use the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to analyze my laps and determine a race strategy that will lead to the best times on particular tracks.  I rely on the use of location data (through Global Positioning System, GPS, data logging) to show where I was on the earth at every moment during my practice races so that at race time I can pick the best route. The Lavastorm Analytics Engine helps me with data integration, data quality as well as analytics.

Read more about my racing analytics application.  What’s the most interesting way you have applied analytics in your work or leisure life?