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How do I get out of my spreadsheet nightmare?

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Lavastorm wakes you up! Read how to break through the limitations of Access and Excel.


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How do I get IT and Business users collaborating for mutual success?

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Lavastorm brings them together!

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Lavastorm’s agile analytics handles your complex data environment!

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An Enterprise-grade, Agile ETL and Analytics Platform


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Lavastorm creates alignment across the organization


IT Data Provider

Spend hours and days instead of weeks and months responding to data requests

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IT Leadership

Provide timely data to the business in a governed, agile way making IT the hero

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Business Data User

Collaborate with IT for the data needed to be competitive

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A powerful, agile way to connect, transform and analyze enterprise data

Traditional tools aren't fast enough for business people who need data now.

A platform for Agile ETL & Analytics: Built on 13 years of Enterprise Know-how

Lavastorm is a single platform that covers the spectrum of tasks required to connect, merge, shape, prepare, analyze and deliver enterprise data to the business in record time



Lavastorm’s Agile approach replaces infrastructure-heavy, waterfall methods with a fast, incremental, and iterative approach to providing data to business users which enables a rapid start, adapts to changing requirements, and accommodates dynamic data sources.



Lavastorm provides connectivity to a myriad of data sources, interoperability with a vast array of technologies, and scalability for building enterprise-grade, data-driven applications that overcome the challenges of ever-increasing data complexity.



Lavastorm empowers IT and business data users to work together in real-time with the construction and validation of sophisticated data flows in a visual interface. This work can be captured in reusable components that may be shared with other business users ensuring everyone is leveraging organizational knowledge and best practices.



Lavastorm provides a simple Web UI and API’s for implementing complex automation, scheduling, and orchestration models. A single platform enables the building of ad hoc dataflows that can be deployed as persistent operational applications.



Lavastorm supports governance throughout the ETL process, enabling IT to build and control access to trusted components for data access and analytical logic. Auditing and transparency ensure compliance with corporate data security standards and industry regulations.

"I can now fulfill requests for data to my business 20x faster with Lavastorm"

- Data Architect, Major Global Bank

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