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The fastest, most accurate way to discover and transform insights into business improvements


Release the Value of your Data

Leave no data behind: enterprise, cloud, big data, and more.


Gain New Powers

We enable business analysts to be data heroes with powers previously locked in IT.


Balance Agility with Governance

Achieve the perfect balance between business agility and IT governance.




Demystify Your Data Flows for Better Regulatory Compliance.

There's never been more business data, more data sources - and more data regulation. Learn how financial services firms can begin to reallocate resources from initiatives that keep it compliant to those that move the business forward.


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White Paper

Breaking Through the Analytic Limitations of Access© and Excel©

Learn how an agile analytics solution can help your business meet the demands of processing more data and making analytics available to stakeholders - all at greater speed than ever before.


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How Data Governance Helps Financial Institutions

See how leading financial services companies are addressing the challenges raised by Master Data Management and regulatory compliance to achieve operational excellence.


Customer Solutions

SGK increased their fraud detection by 120x and reduced audit periods to 1 month from 8 months, saving them over $2 billion in the first 5 months.

Case Study

Allstream improved their data quality management and sales performance with the Lavastorm Analytic Engine.

Case Study
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Gogo automates critical processes such as customer experience management (CEM) and revenue assurance to fuel growth and innovation.

Press Release

PwC uses Lavastorm to dig deeper, broader, and smarter.

Case Study

Magellan Diagnostics used analytics to fix blind-spots caused by multi-tier distribution resulting in greater business insights, higher user satisfaction, and increased marketing effectiveness.

Case Study
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TW Telecom

tw telecom uses the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to optimize their service delivery and eliminate customer billing issues.

Case Study

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Lavastorm Analytics Engine – What’s Next

So we’ve just released our 6.0 version of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine, which introduces an entirely new way for businesses to improve their analytical processes...

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Lavastorm Analytics Brings Collaboration and Transparency to Consumers

With the introduction of Lavastorm Analytics Engine 6.0, collaboration and transparency are finally delivered to both the authors and non-technical consumers of analytic programs. Lavastorm Analytics Engine 6.0 makes analytics a truly collaborative activity, enabling technical and non-technical users to work together on analysis, anywhere. Additionally, non-technical consumers are now given insight into an analytic program's underlying business logic, the how and what of the results, improving transparency and trust.

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