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Our software gives you the power to capture, manipulate, and unlock value using business data analytics.


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We enable business analysts to be data heroes with powers previously locked in IT.


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Our software solves any problem involving diverse data or complex business logic.


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Transform Your Organization with Strong Data Management

Forrester’s data management playbook shows how to build a more elastic and flexible data management practice


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White Paper

Four Situations Where You Need Agile Data Management

Organizing, prepping, transforming, and provisioning useful data shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, it isn’t: if you’re using the right tool.


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Customer Solutions

Mobistar reduced their Fraud Risk Profile with real-time analytics and collaboration.

Case Study

PwC uses Lavastorm to dig deeper, broader, and smarter.

Case Study

SGK increased their fraud detection by 120x and reduced audit periods to 1 month from 8 months, saving them over $2 billion in the first 5 months.

Case Study

Gogo automates critical processes such as customer experience management (CEM) and revenue assurance to fuel growth and innovation.

Press Release

Allstream improved their data quality management and sales performance with the Lavastorm Analytic Engine.

Case Study
Press Release

Deutsche Bank uses the Lavastorm Analytics Engine for data analytics.

Magellan Diagnostics used analytics to fix blind-spots caused by multi-tier distribution resulting in greater business insights, higher user satisfaction, and increased marketing effectiveness.

Case Study
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TW Telecom

tw telecom uses the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to optimize their service delivery and eliminate customer billing issues.

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Lavastorm Brings the Power of Big Data Analytics to Businesses Using Hadoop & MongoDB

today announced new features that extend the capabilities of its analytics engine and bring the power of big data analytics to business managers and analysts. These professionals are now able to easily extract data from Hadoop and MongoDB, a NoSQL database, and quickly integrate it with virtually any other data source enabling the fastest, most accurate way to discover insights in big data sources and transform them into business improvements.

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