Lavastorm makes it easy to accelerate and automate data prep and advanced analytics to deliver the fastest, most accurate insights to your business.

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Top Five Questions About Big Data

In 2015, big data implementation is full on. By Q2 2016, 65% of data and analytics decision-makers say their firms will have implemented big data solutions, Four Lightbulbs in a rowand some part of the 26% who were interested with no immediate plans in 2015 will move into early implementation phases.



Testing the waters of today’s data lake

Data Lakes are the newest method for storing and managing data. It offers improved speed, accessibility, and agility leading to improved insights. But without the proper approach, a data lake quickly becomes a data swamp. Join us for a live webinar.

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5 Ways To Improve Data Prep for Tableau

The strength of Tableau relies on the quality and breadth of the data put into the tool. Helping users prepare, transform and deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information is critical to getting the most insight out of your dashboards. Learn 5 ways to improve the data you feed to Tableau.


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Allstream improved their data quality management and sales performance with the Lavastorm Analytic Engine.

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PwC uses Lavastorm to dig deeper, broader, and smarter.

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Gogo automates critical processes such as customer experience management (CEM) and revenue assurance to fuel growth and innovation.

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Magellan Diagnostics used analytics to fix blind-spots caused by multi-tier distribution resulting in greater business insights, higher user satisfaction, and increased marketing effectiveness.

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TW Telecom

tw telecom uses the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to optimize their service delivery and eliminate customer billing issues.

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SGK increased their fraud detection by 120x and reduced audit periods to 1 month from 8 months, saving them over $2 billion in the first 5 months.

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New Lavastorm for Tableau® Easily Delivers Powerful Data Preparation, Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization to Accelerate Business Insights

Lavastorm, a leading data preparation and advanced analytics company, today announced the launch of its new self-service software designed specifically for Tableau users. Offered by monthly subscription, this powerful, yet simple solution will enable current and new Tableau customers to quickly build sophisticated, governed analytical flows that accelerate business insights and promote data confidence.

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