How do I get out of my spreadsheet nightmare?

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Lavastorm wakes you up! Read how to break through the limitations of Access and Excel.


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How do I get IT and Business users collaborating for mutual success?

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Lavastorm brings them together!

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How do I expand my analysis beyond a few data sources?

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Lavastorm’s agile analytics handles your complex data environment!

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Power enterprise-grade business applications with Agile Analytics

Lavastorm creates alignment across the organization


Data Analyst

Build applications in an agile way and spend more time analyzing data.

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IT Director

Provide an enterprise-grade self-service environment for business users.

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Business Owner

Execute data-centric business initiatives faster with less resources.

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Lavastorm delivers on Agile Analytics

Lavastorm’s Agile Analytics replaces infrastructure-heavy, waterfall methods of data discovery with a fast, incremental, and iterative approach to analytics which accommodates changing business requirements, dynamic data sources, and enterprise-grade requirements.


Agile ETL

Lavastorm provides a single platform which covers the spectrum from self-service data preparation through industrial data management. Begin your analysis by quickly acquiring and shaping the data you need, easily add new sources as you discover new requirements, and then promote your ad hoc data flow to an automated, scalable pipeline, without having to convert your logic to another tool. Start agile, stay agile.



Lavastorm enables building of enterprise-grade analytical applications. It scales to the challenges of increasing data richness and analytical complexity, providing connectivity to myriad data sources, interoperability with a vast array of technologies, and scalability.



Lavastorm empowers users with a variety of skill sets to directly participate in the construction and validation of sophisticated applications using a data-flow paradigm. Users capture logic in libraries of reusable components which may be shared with other users, ensuring that everyone is leveraging the sum of the team’s knowledge.



Lavastorm provides a single platform for building ad hoc analytics that can then be deploying as persistent operational applications. Complex automation, scheduling, and orchestration models can be implemented via a simple Web UI.



Lavastorm enables users to create and curate libraries of reusable components for acquiring and analyzing data, and then applying security and auditing to their applications providing traceability of every step in the dataflow.

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